Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inspiration: Our Gym Hero, Part II

A few days ago, I mentioned an interview with David Elmore, a Marine veteran wounded in Vietnam, who inspires many of us to work out, even when we don't feel like it.

I finally wrote the story yesterday for publication in the May issue of a local magazine. You can read it now by clicking here.

***In other news, it's weigh-in day for 2008 Healthy You Challenge participants. I am happy to report that after having lost only one pound each of the past two weeks, I dropped FIVE pounds and an additional 1.75 inches this week - bringing the totals since January 15 to 32 pounds and 28 inches lost.

Do I have an explanation? Not really. Calorie count still averaged right at 1300 a day, but I was able to put in more strength training this week, once I got off the road and back into my home gym.

A special thanks (which takes a few seconds to load) to everybody who encouraged me during the "slow weeks."

Reporting to you live from Happy Dance Hall...


Erin said...

Awesome Job this week! And thanks for the comment over at my SUPER NEPHEWS site!

dietbook said...

Ooh, awesome! Your body was just finally ready to drop it...perseverence pays off yet again! :-) And I am a big proponent of strength training of course.

Well done!


HappyBlogChick said...

Wow, way to stick with it and see results! Patience pays off, eh?

Good work! Congrats!

I'm looking forward to reading your David Elmore article.

Hanlie said...

Great article! You're right, he is an inspiration!

Well done on the 5 pounds... You're doing great!

Ruthie said...

Yay! Congratulations! Yeah, sometimes it take a while for all that work to pay off. Funny how our bodies work, huh? Anyway, great job!


Lori said...

Way to stick with it through the tough times! Your commitment will get you through!

Manuela said...

Down, down, down! Love it.

I am a huge fan of steel cut oats and had a bowl this morning. While they are busily cooking away, in another sauce pan I cook up an apple with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon with water to get a nice syrup. When they are finished I stir them into the oats.

YUMMY (and I'm always full for hours).

Felicia said...

YES! That is awesome!! CONGRATS on your loss!! You are SUCH an inpsiration!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Cammy said...

At first I thought your update said you'd lost five pounds, but that's just plain crazy. No one goes to cajun country and loses 5 pounds. It simply can't be done. :):):)

Seriously, way to go. It's rewarding to see your hard efforts pay off in such a BIG way!

Nicole said...

HOLY MACKEREL!! And you managed to do that even with all the traveling. You sincerely ROCK, my friend!

runrun1 said...

FIVE POUNDS in a week? Where did it go? That's incredible!!! Congratulations!

Manuela said...

I'll have to go back because I didn't see that you started couch to 5k.

Can't wait to see what you think (I'm seriously sore right now--did day 2 outside!)

Good luck!

dadivastreet said...

ALRIGHT! Way to go on your loss!

briy said...

Yay! Just goes to show you... patience really will pay off. Congratulations! 5 is an awesome number.

And I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words on my blog. Your comments have made me a smile in the past few days, and I really appreciate it. Yay for mutual encouragement!

Good luck, and have a great week!

p.s. That was a great article... thanks for linking to it! :)

dietbook said...

BTW Rebecca, I love the article. That is amazingly inspiring. What a blessing to know Mr. Elmore and we are very blessed that you shared this with us. :-)


Scale Junkie said...

WOW what a fabulous story!! He is such an inspiration.

Congrats on the loss. I know these things sometimes take time but isn't it sweet to see that number drop when it does?

SimplyTwisted said...

Hi- this is Sarah Elmore, David's daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed the article- you caught Daddy perfectly. He is perfectly tickled about all of it.


Sarah Elmore

Ready Maid said...

Hi, Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by to leave such thoughtful comments about the article which will appear in GO! magazine in a couple of weeks.

Your dad is certainly a hero in my book, and judging from your profile, you're following right in his footsteps. Hope to meet you sometime.