Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Three B's

Some of the foods I let pass me by today were boudin (pronounced BOO-dan), backlava and bread pudding.

Some of foods I enjoyed were boiled shrimp, grilled tilapia and ahi tuna. I did try one fried jalapeno pepper stuffed with shrimp, crabmeat and Parmesan cheese. YUM!

Take a look at this pile of fresh cracklins our group sampled today with boudin from Billy's Boudin in Opelousas, Louisiana. (Click on the picture for a full-size idea of the fat content in each tasty morsel!) Most of the writers loved the local culinary specialties, which they had never tasted before.

Every place we visited, we met warm, friendly people who prepared lavish spreads of rich, Cajun food for us to enjoy.

At breakfast, I was fortunate to be able to order oatmeal and fruit; and our hosts had apples in the van for snacks this afternoon. At both lunch and dinner, the chefs were kind enough to prepare my entrees without cream sauces or butter, and to substitute fresh vegetables for starches.

Because I had eaten enough at each meal to feel totally satisfied, can you imagine my shock tonight when I saw the total number of calories I consumed today hovering just under 1200??! I almost passed out.

And even though I didn't get to do any cardio, we did walk over two miles today.

All in all, another good on-plan day on the road. Wahooooo!!


Hanlie said...

I've never had boudin before, but I have to tell you, bread pudding would have been hard to pass up for me! Well done!

Erin said...

Great job stayin on plan with all that temptation!

Grumpy Chair said...

Next time I travel somewhere (where I usually throw calorie counting out the window) I'm going to reread this post to remind me how it should be done.

Pattie said...

You did an amazing job at staying so low on your calories today - especially faced with all that food! Your tenacity is showing, girl!

I've TAGGED you for a fun challenge! Head over to my blog for the details and PLEASE PLAY!!

Laura N said...

Wow, you are doing great! Even if you weren't on the road you'd be putting up some impressive numbers. That fact that you're travelling and doing so well is most admirable.

Ready Maid said...

Hey, Happy You Chicks!

Thanks for all the encouragement! Love it, love it, love it!

More tonight.

Steph said...

You have amazing restraint and will power!! I never ceased to be amazed at how you keep it on track even when faced with yummy food!

Thanks for reminding me that it IS possible to eat and be happy about it.

Safe Travels!!

40 by 40 said...

WOW!! Such willpower!!! Many congrats for passing up the temptations..baklava,boudin and bread pudding!! Wow!!Wow!! Wow!!!!!! I admire you!

Nicole said...

Well done!! You're doing so well. You are truly an inspiration.