Saturday, April 19, 2008

Having a Ball on Saturday

Weekends are for least for me! Yesterday, I married a couple at the end of a windy pier at Butler Manor Bed & Breakfast.

This afternoon, our quartet will play for a wedding in the Anthony Chapel of Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Before I go to the wedding, I'm headed to the gym for an extended workout - which, beginning today, will include exercises specifically geared to improve my (novice) golf skills.

Today, I'll incorporate the Russian Twist on a Swiss Ball
• Lie on ball, with shoulder blades on ball and hips pushed up high off ground.
• Place hands together, as in the photo (or hold a single dumbbell when you advance in Swiss ball workouts).
• Keeping your hips up, turn your shoulders to the right so they are perpendicular to the ground.
• Twist back to the starting position, then twist to the other side.
• Do 10 twists to each side for a couple of sets.

Benefits to the Golf Swing include:
• Improved rotational strength and speed.
• Strengthened and better-protected spine
• Utilization of arms and core as one, similar to a golf swing.

After doing this exercise for just a short period of time, I should notice an increased ability to make a full and tension-free backswing as well as more power coming into impact during the downswing.

Actually, during that first position, I'll probably be praying, "Dear God, please don't let me make a fool out of myself by rolling off this ball. Besides, I've gotta play my cello this afternoon and can't afford to hurt my shoulder, okay?"


Pattie said...

Wow -- my non-existent core muscles quivered just looking at that photo! Let us know how it went.

So do you officiate at the same weddings where you play music, or do you keep them separate? What a lovely way to spend a weekend – playing cello and joining people in love! Life is good!

Ready Maid said...

Hi, Patty! Thanks for stopping by.

Nope, I can't officiate for the same weddings as I play music. It's just too awkward logistically.

But you're right: It's a great way to spend the weekends!

Hanlie said...

How do you get into that position in the first place? I don't know if I should try this at home!

Diana said...

I'm with the others -- this pose looks pretty intimidating to me, requiring much coordination. I think I'll stick to walking and running. Left-right, left-right.

Can you really do this? I'm impressed! And congrats on the smaller clothing size too!

Nicole said...

LOL! When I was reading that I was thinking that I'd fall off the ball. Then I read your comment and had to laugh. I hope you had a good workout and a great time at the weddings!