Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ICU: Intensive Cardio Unit

Here's a funny one:

This morning, while visiting with my mother in a local hospital waiting room where my stepfather had surgery this morning, she said, "Honey, you look great. I can just see the weight
falling off of you."

It was all I could do not to roll on the floor laughing. Bless her 125-pound self. She truly meant her statement as a compliment...but still! Anybody who is on this journey knows the weight NEVER seems to just FALL OFF. Instead, it CREEPS off - itsy bit by itsy bit - after hundreds of healthy food choices and endless hours on the cardio circuit.

But Mom's idea was a lovely thought, wasn't it? And mine, on the other hand, is actually pretty pessimistic.

As a matter of fact, starting right now, I will incorporate HER vision into my daily personal affirmations:
"...Now that I've found the discipline to eat according to my needs rather than being driven by self-destructive habits, impulses or diets, I am able to face the day without overeating. And because I exercise as a matter of habit, my body functions at its peak - metabolizing calories quickly and efficiently - leaving me free to forget about food and instead, to use my increased energy for productive, enjoyable activities..."
Quote adapted in part from Key No. 4 in The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom


Donna said...

Hahaha. At least it's a message of encourage, but I totally know what you mean. Way to stay positive!

P.S. I love the animal photos you post. :) Are they your animals?

Wayne's Mom said...

Dear Donna - Now I'm ROFL again!! MY animals?!! Heavens, no! I'm about as much of a city girl as they come; and although I do love animals, it's not very practical for us to own them as pets because 1) we live in the middle of town, and 2) I travel for a living.

Thanks for stopping by, though, and I'm glad you like the pictures!

Steph said...

Don't know where you got the quote but I'm "borrowing" it. Seriously, I'm copying it now and printing it out 5 times - one for every mirror in my I hope it isn't copyrighted??

You really are amazing - do you know that???

Erin said...

Great post! And I as well love that quote. The closest thing I've heard from my mom was "hey your butt is getting smaller" well thank you mom for checking out my arse!
Have a great day!

Laura N said...

Love that affirmation. =)

It's weird how people don't notice weight loss until you've lost at least 30 pounds or so. Drove me nuts--I'd worked for months and lost decades of weight and no one even could tell. Then POOF! I hit a size 12 and it finally showed.

The worst comment someone ever made to me was just a few months ago. It was a wholesaler at work I hadn't seen in months and he said, "wow you've lost weight." I said, yeah 50 pounds. He says "Are you all done?" UGH! What do you do with that. I said no, I'd like to lose another 15. But what if I WAS at goal and felt great as a size 8? People are so thoughtless sometimes (since I'm a people, that includes me too, of course).

Cammy said...

She did *mean* well. :) Great story, and as you wrote, a great fantasy. I'm going to visualize myself walking down the hallway at work tomorrow, shedding fat chunks in a trail, not unlike Hansel & Gretel.

Hope your stepfather is on the mend!

betsy said...

super quote... i'm going to be like steph, and "borrow" it!

:-) have a great day!

Selma said...

You gave me a good chuckle.
I wish the weight would just fall off. Wouldn't that be a miracle?
Thanks for sharing the Dr. Phil affirmation.


Hanlie said...

Yes, I'm also visualizing myself thin now! Can do!

Missed you too!