Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Final Score: Rebecca - 1; Culinary Trail - 0

I DID IT! I survived eight days on south Louisiana Culinary Trails and still lost a pound!! Although, without a scale on the road, I could't report for yesterday's Healthy You Challenge Tuesday Weigh-in. What's more, I lost additional body mass, bringing the total inches lost since January 15 to 26.25". (Not a mistake this time.) WAHOO!

DH Update: Monday's gall bladder removal went fine. He is moving around enough to prevent soreness, and resting while watching the Master's Tournament. Duh.

And in answer to Felicia's Fun Photo Challenge requesting a picture of where we live, I am posting a picture of Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Ark., where our string quartet performs a majority of weddings on the schedule.

Thanks again to all my HYC friends who stopped by to offer encouragment while I was on the road. I'll begin catching up on blog reading tonight.


Felicia said...

Wow congrats on the loss!! You are doing so AWESOME!!

Glad to hear the gallbladder surgery went well and he is on his way to full recovery.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo for the Fun Photo Challenge. That is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for participating!!

Hope you are having a super day!

Erin said...

You did such a good job while on your tour! And you took such great pictures, described the food in such great detail, and LOST A POUND!

Way to go
Glad to hear the hubby is doing well!

Cammy said...

You are such a rock STAR! Way to go!

(Glad DH is on the mend!)

Scale Junkie said...

What a fabulous loss!! Glad to hear the hubster is recovering nicely.

I love the photo!!

40 by 40 said...

That is amazing that you LOST weight with all that food and restaurant hopping!!! You are truly amazing! Such will power. Thanks for the information too. So interesting. Loved reading it all! I hope your hubby has a speedy recovery! Sending get well wishes. Nice photo! It looks beautiful!

Hanlie said...

Those Southern Louisiana people sure are serious about their food! You are a rockstar!

Manuela said...

I love losing weight while I'm gone from home. 2 years ago I returned from Italy weighing 2 pounds less. Imagine that--pasta, pizza and GELATO--it was all that walking!

Are you in a string quartet? How wonderful. I look forward to see you in your holiday apparel (but let's not rush it--spring just got here!)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I live in AR....Do you?

My inlaws live in Hot Springs. I've actually never been to Garvan Woodland Gardens, but just last week we drove by on our way to MIL's...Dh and I commented we need to go.