Monday, April 21, 2008

One for the Books

Sudden stress can spark a hot flash; unfortunately, no calorie burning is associated with the event. That's too bad. Here's an incident that should have knocked off a pound or two:

A couple of weekends ago, I married a precious couple, Jessie and Kelly (formerly McQueen) Newton. At the end of the ceremony, after Jessie kissed his new bride, I announced, "Laides and Gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Kelly McQueen." (Get it?? That's the BRIDE'S NAME!!)

The congregation laughed uproariously, thinking I had done it on purpose! (NOT!) Jessie and Kelly were great sports about the whole thing, which I sincerely appreciated. Their photographer posted several beautiful pictures of the wedding, which will give you an idea how I spend a good portion of these gorgeous weekends.

Guess I'll be burning calories another way tonight. Just got a call from my mom, asking if she and her DH can hang here at the house for a couple of hours in between doctor's appointments tomorrow.

Better clean up this office! See ya tomorrow at HYC Weigh-in!


Simone said...

Definitely one for the books. hehehehe. laughing is good exercise.

Linky Love said...

At feb 22 you left a message about your friend batteling liver cancer and left this URL:

Unfortunately this URL is not active, can you give the right URL?


Ready Maid said...
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Ready Maid said...

Linky Love - so sorry about the broken link for Mary.

Here's the correct link for Mary Wees-Ayala.

forgetfulone said...

That's funny! But wasn't it bound to happen sometime? Glad they were good sports. Beautiful photos n the other site. Thanks for the encouraging comments you left at my site.

Linky Love said...

Thanks ready maid, this time I have it :-)

All our hugs to Mary and anyone in need of not only hugs...


Hanlie said...

That's what makes a wedding memorable for the bride and groom - the little slips! The lovely guy who officiated at our wedding brought his two young sons (about 8 and 10) along for the ride (it was just over two hours away. We "eloped", so it was only us and our parents and a troubadour with a guitar in attendance. These two boys sat in the back of the tiny little chappel and when the ceremony was over, the one boy said "Is that IT, Dad?" It was hilarious! My dad replied, "It's over for the rest of us, Son, but not for Craig!"

Erin said...

That's too funny. When I got married it took the officiant about four or five tries to get my new last name right. I don't blame him though it took me about six months. My last name has three i's two c's, one b, and one r. It's bosnian so it's difficult.

I hope you have a good visit with your parents!

HappyBlogChick said...

Hee hee!

It seems terribly unfair that hot flashes don't burn calories. Harrumph!

Manuela said...

I've just caught up on some of your most recent posts. I have to believe that your life is very fulfilling (despite those little blips in our minds :)

Can't wait for your update and I want to know how the C25K is going for you.

Take care.