Monday, March 10, 2008

The Numbers Game

"So, what size dress are you wearing these days?" asked my workout buddy, who has just returned from a three-week vacation in sunny California.

"Still in a 16," I answered, floundering in unexpected vulnerability.

"How did that happen?" she replied, innocently enough. Inside, though, it felt as if she had accused me of falling off the fitness wagon while she was away.

(Instantly, I remembered Dr. Phil's advice about internal dialogue and realized I am the only one who can let a friend's casual question create a toxic inner environment
for me. A convincing heap of evidence proving
I'm on the right track - 20 pounds and
17.75 inches lost since January 15 - barricaded the barrage of wrong thinking that had created
my uncomfortable moment in the first place.)

After a deep breath, I answered calmly, "It happened before I started the BestLife plan, when I had gotten too big for a 16.
I simply refused to buy any larger sizes. And although the 16's
are comfortably loose now, I'm not quite back into the 14's."

So keep comin' around, Cowgirls. We ain't even close to the end
of this trail.

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Pattie said...

You're a better person than I... I'm afraid I might have told that exercise buddy to stick her nosey question and rude comment where the sun don't shine!

But I'm sure proud that you didn't let her derail you. You've done SOOO incredibly well since January. I think you should shake your booty at her next time and ask her if she can make the same claim! :-)

PS - You play the cello (per your comment on my blog)? I played when I was younger! Such a beautiful instrument.

Ready Maid said...
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Ready Maid said...

Sweet Pattie,
You made me laugh! I'm learning to give people lots of wiggle room, especially when it comes to my interpretation of their actions. Perhaps my exercise buddy wanted to buy me something new!

Yep, I do play the cello.

Cammy said...

So many times, people don't realize they're being rude. Sometimes they're truly interested. I'm guessing that was your exercise buddy's motivation. Good for you for not attaching more to it. (I need practice in that.*G*)

Oh, and you're right: 20 lbs/17.75" is definitely the right track!

Scale Junkie said...

You are doing a great job! I'm so proud of you for not letting the comment derail you but instead looking at the positive and how far you've come!

CAP said...

20lbs is awesome, not just the right track but beyond and exceptional. Way to be strong and not let a comment get you down.

Casual remarks do have an influence on our psyche. You know where you've started and where you're going. Great job.

Nicole said...

Hahahaha!! I would have been really pissed if someone asked me that. You handled it very well. Well done! :)

HappyBlogChick said...

Good job on adjusting the inner voices! I'm sure your friend has seen such wonderful progress in you physically and just couldn't fathom that you're not seeing it in a clothing size change. I bet she was looking for a reason to congratulate you. Because you're doing great!

Ready Maid said...

If you've ever seen Chicos Travelers, you know a size 3 will stretch for m-i-l-e-s. That's the only way I got by without buying new clothes. In reality, I probably have dropped a size. :)