Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Under the Food Radar

Compared to yesterday, today was a breeze - mostly because I had more choices from which to make healthy-eating selections.

To begin with, our host at The Murski Homestead B&B offered yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast.

Much to my surprise, lunch at an old family-run cafe turned out fine, too. I was skeptical when I saw the plate special...hamburger steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. Everybody at my table ordered either giant hamburgers with fries or grilled cheese sandwiches with onion rings. You get the picture.

I almost hated to ask about salads, but I did choose a fajita chicken salad without the cheese. When it arrived, the lettuce was fresh, the bowl was full of crisp veggies, and the chicken was well-seasoned and moist. They even had Wishbone Salad Spritzers! I gotta admit, though, it WAS hard watching everybody else eat those awesome-looking homemade pies for dessert.

For dinner, even though it was a set menu, I enjoyed a green salad, a grilled salmon fillet, and steamed fresh asparagus.

I even managed to work in a crisp, cold apple this afternoon as well as a cup of popcorn during the cocktail hour.

Total calories, just under 1200. Wahoo, AGAIN!! Stay tuned for the last two days on the road. One of the most effective ways to help me stay on course is knowing I'll be writing a blog post at the end of the day; and weigh-in rolls around every Tuesday.

How do you cope with food temptation away from home?


Anonymous said...

Kudos on your food choices! It's hard to do the right thing when everyone else is doing the fried/gravy/butter thing. I try to find places that have some salads on the menu. I always carry my own bottle of salad spritzer with me (Asian Breeze is yummy!). Wishing you continued success!

HappyBlogChick said...

Good job, again!

Honestly, when I'm vacationing I go for "better, not perfect" ... typically I try to maintain or have a managed small gain. Because it's vacation ... and I'll be home soon enough and can lose it, if I have a small gain. Maintaining is about some ebb and flow, and I feel like weight loss can be, too. Because whatever we do when we lose, we need to keep doing when maintaining.

When I've lost weight before I've been ultra-careful vacationing, lost weight much faster, etc. I've also gained the weight back. This time I've taken it slowly, tried to do things in ways I can continue to do post-loss, and that includes some looser eating on vacation. It hasn't derailed me ... the key is getting back on track as soon as I'm homeward bound.

Now, traveling for business is a whole other ballgame. I try to treat that like business as usual, so to speak. I've found that if I head to the grocery store on the way from the airport to the hotel I have a good breakfast on hand and I'm not tempted to make bad choices, and I have snacks for throughout the days Then I do the best I can at lunch and dinner eating out ... not eating full portions, making the best choices out of what is available and asking for substitutions.

Dottie said...

Great job again! I'm not sure how I'll handle things on the road. We're going on vacation in early April, I suppose that'll be my test period. Keep up the great work!

Steph said...

You've got to be kidding me - you are in Brenham Texas and you are that on plan??? WOW - you are incredible (hang on a minute I gotta do a quick happy dance for you)!

Way to go - keep it up and you are going to see a great loss on Tuesday.

By the way thanks for stopping by the other day to offer some encouragement - it means so much to me to know that I have so many incredible ladies pulling for me!!!


Nicole said...

You rock! I'm so glad you're doing these entries the week before I leave for Toronto. You're giving me major hope that I'll be able to do it, too!