Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recommended: Maple Grove All Natural Dressings

Thursday night, we're hosting dinner for out-of-town family and local friends, all of whom live in households where gourmet food and genuine hospitality are prized.

In my efforts to create a healthy menu with some pizazz in the taste department, I picked up Maple Grove All Natural Salad Dressings in three tempting varieties: Ginger Pear, Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Balsamic. Other varieties include Champagne Vinaigrette and
Maple Fig.

Nutritional breakdowns like this make the products even more enticing. (Sugar-free , fat-free and gluten-free items are also available.)

The website is particularly informative, complete with some great-looking recipes. I'll keep you posted as the Thursday night menu evolves.

***In other news, it's Tuesday
Weigh-In time. This week I'm pleased to report another two-pound weight loss and a body reduction of an additional half-inch, for a grand total of 22 pounds/18.25" lost since January 15.

Here's where the inches are disappearing using the
BestLife program of nutritious eating and progressive exercise: bust, 5"; waist, 6"; hips, 3"; upper arms, 1.75"; upper thighs, 2"; calves, .5" (Last three categories are not doubled for right and left, which would make the total even more exciting!)

Thanks to each of your for your thoughtful words of support.


Felicia said...

Congrats on your loss!!

I saw those dressings at Walmart the other day and almost bought one. Let us know how they are ok!!

Have a SUPER day!

Cammy said...

How'd you know I was out of salad dressing? :)

Congrats on all your losses! You are setting the bar high!

lynnx01 said...

Certainly encouraging when you find out you have lost some inches.

Dr. George Monta said...

How to say “I’m proud” without any EGO implications is a challenge when it comes to what you have accomplished with your physical body. It is nothing short of wonderful.

I did read your entire BestLife blog and was duly impressed with your sweet introduction of me and my Conversation blog. I even listened to part of my talk again.

Thanks, Honey. You're a precious gift from God to me and to Myron, and to the world.

Nicole said...

Well done on crafting a healthier you!! Yay!!!!