Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Check In

The seventh key in Dr. Phil's "The Ultimate Weight Solution" is about assembling a circle of support.

"You need people to believe in you, and if they cannot do that, then you may have to re-invent your relationships and surround yourself with people who will...Don't continue to pretend that you don't know who has your best interests at heart and who does not. You know it as surely as you are sitting there. Give yourself permission to act on that knowledge and claim your right to a healthy existence."

Fortunately, I didn't have to nix any folks off my list. I've got a great group of supporters who fall into the slots on Dr. Phil's recommended team:

* The Coach - someone with technical expertise or professional training who can provide knowledge on nutrition, exercise or some other aspect of health management. (For me, it's my trainer.)

* The Teammate - someone whose weight loss and fitness goals are similar to your own. (My hubby falls into this category, as does my workout buddy.)

* The Cheerleader - Someone to give you honest, meaningful words of encouragement, building you up at critical times and offering support without a hint of judgmental attitude. (This is my sister and YOU!)

* The Umpire - This is a good observer and listener who cares enough about you to tell you the truth, constructively and helpfully. (You'll recognize him as Dr. George Monta when he comments.)

So far, this approach is working wonders to help me maintain accountability and a commitment to healthy living.

Since January 15, I have lost 25 pounds and 24.75 inches.
Thanks, everybody!

Quotes from The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom


Cammy said...

Informative post!!

Kudos on the 25-25 (the weight loss equivalent of basketball's double/double?*G*). That's HUGE!

the girl said...

WOW... congrats!

Thanks for this post... I'll definitely consider this when evaluating my relationships.

Felicia said...

WOO HOO CONGRATS on your success so far! You are doing AMAZING!! Keep up the inspiring work!


Hanlie said...

Great post! I must actually reread my book... I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I read it 4 years ago. I'm a much different person now.

Well done on your journey so far. It's awesome!

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on your success!

Oh, and rah rah rah, go team, yaaaaaaaaay!