Monday, March 17, 2008

Choices, Choices, Choices

Well, my friends, today was a challenge. Beginning with breakfast, I felt like a newly sober alchoholic in a bar.

Here in Brenham, Texas, we stayed in a very cool B&B
last night; but the second B
almost did me in this morning. Check out this breakfast menu: Custard-soaked french bread, topped with cream cheese, strawberries and chocolate sauce; ham and cheese egg strada with cilantro sauce with a side of salsa; and pork breakfast sausage.
(I ate a cherry almond meal replacement bar!)

For lunch, we were served turkey and cheese sandwiches, potato chips, broccoli salad, kosher pickle spears and brownies! (I ate the meat and one slice of cheese from the sandwich, plus the broccoli salad and pickle.)

During a short late-afternoon break, I found fresh fruit in the kitchen of my new B&B - where I'll be until Thursday. I don't know when I've ever been so glad to eat an apple!

For dinner, the other journalists enjoyed a buffet of taco casserole, chicken and sour cream enchiladas, crawfish jambalaya, chips, guacamole, beef tenderloin and dewberry cobbler.
(I ate the beef tenderloin and a tablespoon of fresh avocado.)

The good news is that before breakfast, I got in a full workout with my new ProGym. During the day, I wore my pedometer, and logged 7,508 steps traipsing around the delightful community of Brenham, Texas.

Oh, I forgot to mention our stop at the Blue Bell Creameries, where they talked about ice cream for an hour before treating everybody to Homemade Vanilla, Cookies and Cream and Celebration Cupcake varieties. I took lots of notes...and watched.

Total calories consumed today? 1230. Whew! I'm glad that's over.


Hanlie said...

You're a rockstar! I am so impressed with your restraint and your commitment to your plan! Well done!

Laura N said...

Holy crap you have an iron will. You didn't give in ONCE! Amazing. Good on you girl.

Nicole said...

Oh, my God!! You totally need to give yourself a NSV banner for this one!! That breakfast looks amazing. How you were able to resist that is beyond me. Well done!

HappyBlogChick said...

WOW, you have impressive willpower. If you can make those choices in that environment, you can do anything!

Hanlie said...

Thanks for the lovely comment... I tried to reply, but the mail was returned twice. The feeling is completely mutual. It's amazing how we sometimes connect with people half a world away.

I really do admire you and your husband's effort and commitment. You're doing great!

Frannie said...

You really prove that it is possible (even if hard) to keep healthy anywhere. I'll remember you next time I'm out with friends :D

Cammy said...

Excellent control!

bigfatforang said...

Far out... I am so impressed. Amongst all that temptation you stuck to your program. WOW.

Have a great week going forward, keep up the GREAT work!

Dottie said...

Great will power! I give you lots and lots of credit for choosing that meal replacement bar over the breakfast and the B&B. We get those Nutrilite bars too. We also get XS bars/drinks as well.