Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in the Nest

DH and I each had uneventful travel days today, returning home after having been in different states on business all week.

If you read my blog post Monday, you know what a test of commitment and creativity a press tour can be to somebody like me who’s trying to stay on plan. Now that I'm back home, I can look back on the week with no regrets - thanks in large part to the enouragement from all my faithful HYC friends who cheered me along the way.

A few “aha” moments on this trip are worth sharing. When I pulled my luggage across the inclined crossover from the parking garage to the airport terminal, I felt strong, not strained this time. Also, I was able to walk around all day every day - usually about four miles - without feeling fatigued or experiencing horrible lower back pain…which used to happen any time I had to stand a long time. I was also able to “stay aware” during meals all week, eating to satisfy hunger instead of something else.

One very nice surprise happened this afternoon when I got home. After DH asked me to go out for a healthy dinner, I changed clothes and learned I can now fit back into my size 14 pants!!



Scale Junkie said...

WOW!!! What wonderful NSV's! Feeling strong, mindful eating and fitting into 14's, YOU ROCK!!!!

Laura N said...

Love those NSV's. Being able to function at a healthy level in the real world is such a bonus. You should definitely be proud of yourself with all the temptation you overcame last week. Yay for smaller sized clothes!!

Bev said...

WTG on the new dress size! ;) Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

This is fantastic!! I'm so proud of you. And, as I mentioned before, this is such an inspiration to me as I head up to Toronto this week. Thank you!