Saturday, March 15, 2008

There's a Revolution Going On!

The other day, we discussed the benefits of massage. Today, I realized there's more to it than that.

For instance, whenever I used to get a massage, the first thing I did was to ask for an extra towel, sheet, cover-up, robe...whatever, because usually the ency-weensy one they put out wouldn't cover my butt and thighs. Today, the "usual" one fit, although it was still a bit snug when I sat down.

Before today, I used to always make excuses why my shoulders and back were all tight with marble-sized stress knots, telling the therapist: "I'm a journalist, blah, blah, blah." (Translation: "I sit on my tush at my computer all day long, but am not disciplined enough to prioritize exercise.")

BUT TODAY...!!! When that precious woman started working her magic on my shoulders, back and even my arms, I felt something like speed bumps. Back (blip) and forth (blip). Back (blip) and forth (blip). Every time, the same. IT WAS MUSCLES! REAL MUSCLES!!
I almost cried.

The knots-and-gravel that used to plague my shoulders weren't even there when Yolanda started today's massage. And the work she did perform helped to ease the muscle soreness from yesterday's follow-up visit with my trainer.

Underneath this melting layer of flab, there's a muscular revolution going on. One day, it will be obvious to more than just the massage therapist.


Hanlie said...

That is great news... I can't wait to get back to gym!

Jules said...

Wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and let you know I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to yours. Congratulations on your weight loss! Loved the recipes you had at your dinner, they sound great! You have inspired me to order the book and get back on track myself. If you live in HS, walks in Garvan Gardens are a must! Keep up the good work!
BTW - your pictures and style on your blog are fantastic! Jules

Danni said...

massages are also great for getting rid of the lactic acid that could be building up in the body from working out.....flushes it out of your muscles into your lymph nodes.

now i miss massage school and getting one every day!!

Congrats on the loss!!

Moon said...

Oh, man, aren't those developing muscles just the neatest/weirdest things? They'll start being even more apparent sooner than you think!

bigfatforang said...

Awesome. Need I say more?!?

You are doing so well. These little changes matter so much more than the number on the scale. WELL DONE!