Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Recommended: Terrapin Ridge Salad Squeeze

Yesterday, while shopping at Tuesday Morning on an errand for my mother, I strolled the gourmet section and found a new product that has rocketed to my favorites list.

Terrapin Ridge Pomegranate Citrus Salad Squeeze is a gustatory delight! Sweet and tart with the fruity combination of pomegranate and citrus juices, it's loaded with flavor, antioxidants and vitamin C. You can squueeze it on greens, slaw, raw or cooked veggies, or noodles. It also makes a great marinade for fish, poultry, veggies, and tofu before cooking. My guess is that it might even add a tangy zing to fruit smoothies. I'll let you know!

Right now, it's on sale for $3.39, as is the Ginger, Carrot, Miso variety.

And they're only 40 CALORIES PER SERVING, compared with the usual 60 for low-fat variety salad dressings.

Get some. Squeeze a lot.


Felicia said...

I love Pomegranate anything. That dressing sounds so good!

Hope you have a SUPER day!

Pattie said...

Hi there. I'm catching up on your blog today, after being "off" for a few days...

I am SOOO proud of you for the weight loss. Truly, you inspire me to continue on this healthy journey, for all the right reasons. Yay you!

And congrats to you and your hubby for six happy years. Here's to 66 more!

Nicole said...

Wow! That sounds really good. I've never been to Tuesday Morning. I guess I should check it out.

Angie said...

Shot! I don't have a Tuesday Morning very close to me. I know I would love it! I usually put mandarin oranges in my salads, and I love pomegranates so I'm sure the combo would delight me! Maybe I'll just have to take a drive out of my way!

Simone said...

Sounds interesting.

Ready Maid said...

Hey, Angie-Boo! You don't have to drive out of the way, unless you just want to. You can order the salad squeeze straight from Terrapin Ridge's website!