Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eggplant Parmesan - Sort of!

While preparing dinner tonight, I needed an accompaniment to a Greek-style baked chicken. Spying an eggplant in the fridge, I looked up a recipe for Egglant Parmesan, about the only thing I know to do with the odd vegetable. Hmmm, I thought, not really comfortable with the eggs, breadcrumbs, flour, cheese and f-r-y-i-n-g.

Okay, get ready. Instead of sopping the eggplant in eggs before dredging it in a mixture of flour, breadcrumbs and cheese, I spread each piece with a thin coating of red-pepper flavored hummus. Then, I pressed each piece into...WHEAT GERM!!

A light spray of olive oil Pam into the non-stick skillet made the perfect prep to saute the pieces. And since it's really not the season for fresh tomatoes, I put a little dab of Carb-Fit brand All Natural Portabello Mushroom Sauce on each one.



Phat Teacher said...

wow, that does sound delicious! Congrats on making the right choices with your food- that's 80% of the battle (choices). I also joined the best life challenge (jan 8th). best wishes for a great Friday!
Phat Teacher

forgetfulone said...

That sounds really good! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back again soon!

Nicole said...

My husband LOVES eggplant. So much, in fact, that he put it on his vision board. LOL! He would love this recipe.

Hanlie said...

That's the one thing my husband won't eat... But your recipe sure sounds delicious!