Friday, March 7, 2008

Travel? That's Stretching It.

Looking at the snow outside, you wouldn't know that the Spring travel season
has already begun for
travel writers like me.
My top priority while I'm on the road is to maintain
the healthy lifestyle I started January 15 by making responsible food choices (with a back-up plan if I'm stuck with a fixed menu) and by continuing a daily exercise regimen.

My plan is to structure a fitness routine using the GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym, which I have just now ordered. According to the product description, this go anywhere, train anytime home gym comes complete with its own personal trainer on DVD to help build size and strength, or to increase muscle definition. (I'll take Door No. 2, Alex.)

The key to the ProGym is supposedly the ability to add or subtract seven levels of resistance using different combinations of the tube strengths. (Here's a three-minute video showing how exercise tubes work.)

The ProGym contains two handles, three resistance tubes, two ankle straps, one door anchor, an exercise wall chart a 25-minute workout on DVD. The best part is the whole thing (including the mesh storage bag) weights only one pound. Perfect to stuff into my suitcase.

Want one for around $30? GoFit Ultimate ProGym with DVD

Here's a single Xertube for about $10: SPRI ES503R Xertube Resistance Band With Door Attachment and Exercise Charts (Purple, Very Heavy)

Any other suggestions how to "stay on plan" while traveling?


Nicole said...

My biggest problem when I travel is breakfast. It's so hard to find filling, low calorie foods for breakfast! So, I like to plan ahead for that by getting fruit, instant oatmeal, and yogurt. When I go to Toronto this month, I'm going to take along a cooler for my room and keep skim milk and blueberries in it so I can enjoy my cereal every day. LOL! That's not possible if you're flying somewhere, though.

forgetfulone said...

No suggestions, but that sounds like a cool way to stay on track!