Sunday, March 23, 2008

Inspiration: Family and Friends

Holidays at my mom's house are always a treat, and today was no exception. After church, we enjoyed a healthy lunch and a couple hours of pleasant conversation.

Yesterday, I received an email from long-time friend, Mary Weeks-Ayala. Having fought a courageous two-year battle with liver cancer, she and her husband left Dallas today, headed back to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for what is scheduled to be the final operation to rid her body of that tortuous disease!

Whenever I hesitate the slightest bit on my exercise regimen, I consider Mary, who, for the past two years, would give anything to feel well enough to go to the gym.

Mary's perspective on Easter is better than any I could write. I invite you to read the inspirational words from her own blog. And while you're there, feel free to leave a note of encouragement.
(Click here to meet Mary.)

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Cammy said...

Thank you for letting us meet your friend, Mary. I lost my best friend to colon cancer three years ago. We struggled together for 15 years with our weight issues (though hers weren't as bad as mine.) Bev has come to mind several times when I've struggled over the various exercise hurdles. She never had the opportunity to resolve her weight problem (we used to joke in that black humor sort of way that she "caught" the only cancer that didn't cause weight loss), and so I've kind of seen it as a journey for both of us. Although Bev didn't like to sweat, so I doubt she appreciates being along for that part of it. :)