Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Herbal Tea as Weight Loss Aid

Whoever wrote this blurb on Republic of Tea's web site got my attention:

Losing weight is all about moderation, expending energy, curbing sugar cravings, and being well. That's why, if you're thinking thin, this caffeine-free blend is for you. Based on health-promoting, organic rooibos, it includes tropical banaba leaf, cinnamon and carob which satisfy the appetite, providing craving control. Carob and gymnema leaves help to tame your sweet tooth and the urge to indulge.

Ingredients: Rooibos (leaf), Orange (peel), Carob (pod), Cinnamon (bark), Gymnema (leaf), Banaba (leaf) Extract, Natural Cinnamon Flavor.

I ordered it. I like it...a lot. What I'm not sure about is how a teaspoon of herbs transforms water into a steamy magical potion that conjures images of a summer moon dancing on sapphire waves tickled by warm evening breezes.


spIcy said...

Oooh, I need something like this. Thanks for the recommendation.

Wayne's Mom said...

...and the nice thing is you can re-use the teabags to make up to three cups of brew. Enjoy!

Ready Maid said...

Well, look at this post about the other benefits of banaba leaves, which are part of this herbal tea mix!

Nicole said...

I love tea, and I think it helps me control my appetite. Sometimes if I have some herbal tea with Splena it satisfies my craving for something sweet.