Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to Figure Your Jean Size

Our speaker at Rotary yesterday said, "Unless you can measure it, you can't monitor it." Although she was suggesting ways to improve our "green" architecture, I related her comment to how to improve your body's architecture from a BestLife article archive: "Write what you bite."

(By the way, my pedometer and food scale arrived yesterday!)

Over at Blog Fabulous, Tracee introduces a relatively painless non-numerical measuring tool to help you find the brand of jeans that will fit you best using the online tool,

Did it work as well for you as it did for Tracee and me?


A Family/Group Member said...

I did great when I used my pedometer. It is a good tool. Just be more consistent than I am.

Good reminder for me to clip it back on

Tracee said...

I love my pedometer. I reduced guilt. If I didn't go out and work out I'd feel bad. But, when I put the pedometer on I realized I actually walk MILES just chasing the kids around the house and going to the grocery store and other everyday activity.