Saturday, January 19, 2008

Train Yourself to Eat More Slowly

Earlier this week, I had a dental crown replaced where one had previously broken, a year ago. I guess I procrasinated scheduling the repair work because the partial tooth wasn't sensitive, thanks to an earlier root canal procedure.

After the temporary crown was installed Tuesday, I waited until just after the cement had set before chomping down on my first healthy meal of the year.
But instead of pleasure, OUCH!!!

Not yet accustomed to having a molar where the gap used to be, I bit the inside of my cheek...HARD!

On a positive note, my experience could start a new trend how to train weightloss candidates to chew more deliberately. Dentists could develop a technique to install tooth overlays large enough to cause rear molars to bite the inside of your cheek if you eat too fast!

Seriously, eating slowly has several benefits, including giving your brain time to signal the stomach you're full - which takes an average of 20 minutes.

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Angie said...

I agree, if I'm really hungry I woof down my food... not good! :(

Thanks for the link exchange... you're on mine now!