Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leslie Sansone's 3-Minute Mini-Walk

Q. What do you call a mother who wears a pedometer?

A. A pe-DOM-mom. (Smile.)

A few days ago, my new pedometer arrived. The big surprise was that using it didn't discourage me. Instead, it helped me see how many steps I already take in a normal day. Merely walking an extra "lap" from my office chair to the coffee pot nearly doubled my daily steps. (That should also give you an idea how much coffee I drink!)

Still, that's not enough steps to get me to the Phase I exercise level.

On one of the Best Life discussion threads, somebody suggested
Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVDsas a good way to get started.

Need a free preview? Watch
Leslie's desk-side three-minute mini-walk twice a day as a way to rev up your energy and be more active. Remember, it's not good to sit for long periods without moving.

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