Monday, May 5, 2008

Start Acting Like a Thin Person

I'll always remember the first time I read Dr. Phil's line: "Staying fat has been working for you in some fashion." What??

I had never thought about what sorts of payoffs I got from obesity: insulation from the opposite sex, neutralizing sexual attractiveness, an "occupational buffer zone" to hide femininity to protect myself from the attention at work, an excuse for failure ("I didn't get the job, sign up for the class, etc., because I'm overweight.").

In his book, The Ultimate Weight Solution, Dr. Phil points out it is precisely this sort of discomfort that makes us push the panic button and start working at cross-purposes with our healthy goals. Managing weight from behind these defenses is doomed to fail.
We MUST disconnect!

Changing our "fat mind-set" and "fixed fat beliefs" means we have to become comfortable in our new, trimmer bodies while we're dumping "psychological fat." To do this, we must act like the thin,
fit person we really are.

"Even if it doesn't feel completely right," he says, "we can move in that direction with some simple but positive actions."

* Look at your reflection in the mirror more often to acclimate yourself to your new shape and image.
* Face with courage those situations you formerly feared - wearing a bathing suit, trying on new clothes, going to certain parties.
* Stay with your exercise program in order to appreciate your own strength and feel good about your body.
* Replace negative self-talk about your body with affirming,
accurate thoughts.

Peeling away fixed assumptions by disposing of their payoffs and demolishing limiting beliefs that tell us we are worthless and not deserving of success is the first step to developing new ways of thinking. True knowledge and insight will lead to a life of peace where we are comfortable in our newly transformed bodies.

Thanks, Dr. Phil. I needed to hear that again today.

Quotes from The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom


Cammy said...

Excellent advice. Timely, too. :) Thank you. And Dr. Phil, of course.

Nicole said...

I read in O Magazine once that we should put lotion on our bodies, both as a means of becoming acquainted with our newly trim figures and as a way of nurturing that body.

Donna said...

These are such wise words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing!! :)