Friday, May 9, 2008

How Tweet!

Who would have dreamed how much I am enjoying the newly found freedom of exploring outdoors, now that I'm carrying around 38 fewer pounds?! On the phone yesterday, my mom reminded me how she hiked the Grand Canyon and rafted the Colorado River when she was
my age.

Yesterday's soft adventure included a birding expedition at Lorance Creek Natural Area, a deep swamp area that spreads out on both sides of Lorance Creek, just outside Little Rock, Ark. The entire system - owned by Nature Conservancy and the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - is a diverse mosaic of open water, bald cypress-water tupelo trees, beaver ponds and sandy washes overlain with swamp blackgum. All the features are interconnected by a complex system of streams and seeps which support a rich aquatic flora.

Walking the half-mile boardwalk with Allan Mueller, alias "Professional Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Searcher," we listened to a chorus of birds singing their springtime arias. Overhead, a lush canopy of foliage whispered a welcome as we wandered through the swamp-inspired symphony.

For these new experiences, I am truly grateful. For others yet to come, I am eager...especially those that may include a new bicycle!

What new freedoms are you enjoying as a result of your increasing fitness level?


Cammy said...

You've got me thinking "field trip". :) I'm so glad you're enjoying exploring!

I realized this morning that my greatest freedom is that of choosing which mode of exercise I want for the day. Last year when I started, I could really only go for walks and 3 miles was a Really Long Walk. Now, I can go for a truly long walk or ride my bike or do one of my elliptical 5ks. Or some combination of the above. I'm not limited, like I once was!

john - from fat to fit said...

Thanks for your entry and good luck!

Sunflower said...

sounds like a wonderful time

Selma said...

What a wonderful adventure on so many levels. I bet you must have felt great to be able to hike and explore with your new healthy body. This post, and your last about the mountain are such great reasons for us all to keep on losing the pounds.--Glad you had so much fun! Selma