Monday, May 19, 2008

Gratitude Dance

Okay, Brad and Matt obviously have more time than most of us if they can list EVERYthing they're grateful for EVERY morning. But I gotta hand 'em this: The Gratitude Dance ROCKS!

I have visions of "doing the dance" in the following places:
* At the gym, in front of the mirrors when I finish a workout.
* At the grocery store when I find a good sale.
* At the airport, each time my plane lands safely or when my luggage shows up at the same time and place that I do.
* On the scale, when I crack the 160's.

If your gratitude list comes as easily as mine does, it's good to know our health benefits when we consider the less fortunate among us. Studies have shown that helping others increases our overall sense of well-being, alleviates chronic pain, and even reduces depression.

Here's a quick and easy opportunity to feel good. My friend Mary Ayala has nearly crossed the finish line in her battle to beat colon cancer. Two years ago, her (first) oncologist said her liver was filled with so many cancerous tumors, it looked like a gumball machine.
He pronounced a quick death sentence.

After getting a second opinion, Mary agreed to a long and arduous multi-disciplinary treatment plan that has included travel for two surgeries plus follow-up visits to Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The results are near miraculous. Mary is certified cancer-free.

Unfortunately, increasing gasoline prices plus recent medical complications requiring an extra eight days in Houston last month blew a hole in the Ayala's already strained budget. They desperately need $1,000 by the end of this month to make up the gap. Each of us doing a little bit will make a huge difference to this precious Ft. Worth couple.

Will you please join me? Your health will thank you.


Ready Maid said...

Don't worry; I made a $50 donation this morning, but it takes a couple of hours to register.


Manuela said...

I wish all the best to your friend and her battle with cancer. I lost my father to it 9 years ago this July. It's such a horrible disease.

Yet, there is a lot to be grateful for and we should always find the time for a little dance!

Take care of yourself and have a beautiful day.