Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heavy Responsibility

Shhh! Don't tell Trey's parents, but my back is really complaining this morning.

When my mother stopped in for a visit yesterday, she picked up Trey and asked, "How much does this child weigh? He's heavier than a sack of potatoes!"

With that, DH received the child into his arms and headed to the scale, just to find out. We were not surprised: 27 pounds.

This week of caring for Trey - bending over to let him hold my finger, picking him up to play, lowering his sleeping body into the Pack-n-Play, putting him into and taking him out of the car seat, carrying him into stores - has been a terrific reminder exactly how much weight 40 pounds is...13 pounds more than I've been hauling around this week! In other words, a Trey-and-a-half. WHEW!

What physical reminders do you have how much weight you've lost?


Cammy said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed your week with Trey! Looks like a good time was had by all. :)

I had one of those physical reminders last night, in training, when I hopped down off the tiered steps. Normally I just stop and gingerly step down. Last night I hopped. Even the trainer turned around and smiled. :)

Have a healthy, happy weekend, Rebecca!

Hanlie said...

Um, I haven't! During my first marriage I left the hotel industry and worked in a baking supply company. We sold bulk ingredients to bakeries. I suppose I could phrase my weight loss in term of those ingredients. I have now lost just more than what a box of pastry fat weighs and am on my way to equaling a bag of flour.

Anonymous said...

Your story is amazing... I wish you all the best :)

Diana said...

I bet Trey is a lot cuter than what you've lost. Isn't it fun to be able to do more than you could before! Congratulations!