Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day of Rest - HA!!

About once a month, I really enjoy sleeping a little longer than usual - say, until about 9 a.m., especially if it's raining outside. That way, DH is home instead of at the golf course, and we can get in a little extra cuddle time.

Well, this wasn't the weekend for sleeping late, cuddling or lounging around. The weather outside was beautiful, DH was on the golf course, and I've been working my tail off getting ready to leave town Tuesday.

Still, I love my home and the privilege to work from a home office. One thing's for sure, though: The bed will feel good tonight!


Angie said...

I too LOVE sleeping in... but alas, it doesn't happen often enough! Hope you got some rest and your trip goes well.

Nicole said...

Gosh, only once a month?! When my kids are old enough, I'm going to do it every weekend! :o)