Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Your Feet? Ready, Dance!

Yesterday, I admitted Brad and Matt's opening spiel might be a little intense for some viewers, but the Gratitude Dance is appropriate anytime!
Especially today. I'm in the 160's!!

More and more, people are asking, "What sort of diet are you on?" I'm learning most people ask that sort of question
for a variety of reasons:
1) They genuinely want to know, perhaps for themselves or someone they love.
2) They really don't know what else to say.
3) They're actually a little uncomfortable with your success, and are hoping you're so miserable you can't possibly stick with the program.

Generally, I've found it's best to keep the answer short and sweet. Mine goes something like this:

"I've changed my lifestyle to incorporate five basic changes:
1) I make exercise a daily priority.
2) I eat a nutritious breakfast every morning.
3) I eat moderate portions to satisfy hunger.
4) I stop eating by 7 p.m. when I'm at home, or at least two hours before bedtime when I'm traveling.
5) I drink at least eight glasses of water every day."
So far, my HYC blogger friends, this plan has resulted in the loss of two more pounds this week (even though my aerobic exercise was limited to pushing the baby stroller two miles a day!) for a total of
42 pounds and 37 inches since January 15.



Hanlie said...

You are doing so well! Good for you! The Gratitude Dance is definitely in order!

Girl with a Problem said...

That's fantastic! Congrats to you.

The answer you give people will usually shut them up. That's NOT what they want to hear because it sounds so reasonable, and like something everyone should do anyway. What they want to hear is something like, "I eat only beets and mongolian fruit livers Monday through Saturday, but on Sunday I can have all the Yak blubber I can eat."

Eating right while traveling is still a big struggle for me. I am determined to come up with a plan that will work for me better before I go on my next trip. Keep up the good work!

Girl with a Problem said...

er, that should have been "mongolian fruit BAT livers" of course. mongolian fruit livers is ridiculous

Cammy said...

Yikes! You're going to pass me!

Oh wait. In this venue, that would be a very good thing indeed. :)

Congratulations on your successes!

Lynn said...

Very good! Dancing is definitely deserved! And it's good exercise!

Laura N said...

Congrats on your continued loss!

I am cracking up at your "How I'm losing weight in 5 points" response. You should have cards made up so you can hand them out when people ask, because you'll just get more and more people asking you as you keep losing. I tell people I changed how I eat and started running. A lot of people hear "running" and that intimidates the heck out of them (secretly, I like it!).

That's very intuitive of you on why people ask, esp. #3.

Bev said...

Woohoo for the 160's!! So glad that you are finding success! ;)

Mama Bear June said...

Dancing with you to celebrate! Congrats on the loss.
Path to Health

Manuela said...

2 more pounds? Have you got that much to spare? (just kidding)

Congratulations on another successful week!

Grumpy Chair said...

As you should be. In fact I might have to stop and do the gratitude dance after I hit the publish button.

Congratulations! I'm off to dance for you.

irunbehind said...

Yay you!!! Congrats on amazing progress!!!