Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Foot in Front of the Other

Walking. Seems like such a simple way to derive all these benefits.

The laryngitis I described yesterday turned out to be a strain of flu not prevented by a standard flu shot. DH and I are each on a round of meds; and I'm confined to isolation for 48 hours after the fever breaks. So...I won't be going to the gym while I'm contagious, but I might sneak out for a walk around the neighborhood.

***Later***On second thought, that wasn't such a good idea. My chest really hurts now. I should have read this first:

If your symptoms are from the neck up, meaning you have sniffles, a runny nose, headache and perhaps a very mild cough, it's probably OK to perform a mild workout. The key is to make sure you have no difficulty breathing during or after a workout. Definitely cut back, though, especially if you're a type A at the gym. Experts agree that going at one third your normal pace might be the best way to proceed and if you feel worse a few hours later - give yourself a few days rest.

If you're symptoms are primarily neck down, that is you've got a deep chest cough or a fever, you should skip working out altogether until you feel much better. Chest pain means you most likely have inflamed tissue in the lungs and working out will cause an even worse inflammation. Sleep and rest are the better choice.
Happy Mardi Gras!

And if you're in a Super Tuesday state, PLEASE vote!!

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