Saturday, February 23, 2008

Abs-olutely Risky

The Washington Post cites a new study showing middle-aged American women are gaining weight, especially around the waist (DUH!), and their risk of stroke has increased significantly.

"Abdominal obesity is a known predictor of stroke in women and may be a key factor in the midlife stroke surge in women," one researcher said in a statement.

The report also says average body-mass index, a measure of obesity, rose from 27.11 in the earlier study to 28.67 in the later study.

My first reality check about weight happened last spring when my life insurance agent informed me I'm considered "high risk" because of obesity as measured by BMI. For whatever reason, I just stuck my head in the sand and agreed to pay the higher premiums.

On January 15, 2008, however, I took my head OUT of the sand
(see my profile photo!) and started the BestLife diet and exercise program. As soon as I get my BMI back into the normal range, you can bet I'm calling for a rate adjustment!

Calculate your BMI. I'm off to the gym.


Hanlie said...

Me too! I should get an adjustment soon for stopping smoking.

Felicia said...

Yup I hear you on this. Getting life insurance has been a real pain due to weight issues. We are getting a full work over of the insurance coverages this year due to all the weight loss we have had. Will be nice.

Have a SUPER weekend!

Nicole said...

That's an awesome goal! How great it will feel to go back there and ask to be reassessed. Yay!!