Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lynn Berring Wins by Losing 168 Pounds

Lynn Bering is half the woman she used to be. CNN reports she has lost 168 pounds and is blogging to inspire others.

I first read the story on Scale Junkie's blog, home of the
2008 Healthy You Challenge.

Lynn's practical advice
has already found a home in my heart:
"I still write down everything I eat. I still ask myself, 'How will I feel five minutes after I eat this?'
If the answer is anything other than, 'I will feel good having made this food choice,' then I don't eat it. Or, at least most of the time, I don't. Sometimes, that whiney voice wins. But the point is, I think about it. Am I eating because I want to, or because I need to? Am I feeding some emotion I'm afraid to examine?"
Congratulations, Lynn, and thanks to Diana for sharing the good news.

Watch Lynn's interview from The Today Show.


Hanlie said...

That is such good advice! I so often used to be disgusted with myself and filled with remorse after eating. I am definitely going to implement that! Thank you!

Scale Junkie said...

Isn't her story wonderful! I'm glad you gave her more coverage, she deserves sky writing planes!