Monday, July 7, 2008

One Inch Goes a Long Way

It's probably happened to everybody who has lost a significant amount of weight: You finally reach a point where, even though you're a certain number of pounds from goal weight, people start saying you don't need to lose any more. You look fine now, they insist.

Still, something on the inside of you pushes you to stay on track, keep pushing, don't give up.

After it happened to me a few times, I questioned the BMI chart, which still categorized me as overweight. "I'm not even in the normal range yet," I told my husband over dinner last night.

"Well, how's that BMI figure calculated, anyway?" he asked with a slight edge to his voice.

"The score is a function of height and weight," I answered calmly between bites.

"Well, what height are you using?" he questioned, even more sarcastically.

"Five foot, six inches," I replied.

"Nonsense!" Myron retorted. "You're 5'7" if you're an inch. How did you measure?"

Grabbing the 60" tape measure from my office, I thrust it in his direction as I backed up against the wall to let him confirm my calculations.

"Okay, step away from the wall," he said, holding the sewing notion with his thumb while pointing toward the floor. "Now, mark where it ends, then drop it down to add the number of inches to five feet."

Suddenly confused, I remarked, "It shows only five additional inches. Are you sure you marked my height at a 90-degree angle?"

One look at his face told me I was about to be wrong.

"See that blank space just past the 60-inch mark?" he said, eyebrows lifted. "You have to add two more inches to make it accurate. That means you're five foot seven inches. Now,
let's finish eating."

Here's the good news. One more inch added to my height finally puts me in the normal BMI range (24.9)!

And on top of that, I'm happy to report one pound lost this week, keeping me on track toward reaching goal weight by August 12.


Melzie said...

Yay for the extra inch, wahoooo on the BMI!! :) That is so exciting-- GO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel via HYC

Manuela said...

I have always thought that I need to measure my height. I've always just called myself 5'5" but everyone insists, like your DH that I'm an inch taller. (as for BMI--that's such a nonsensical thing when you're at a good weight range anyway, don't you think?)

BTW, I read your comment to Pattie and it really moved me. What a long way you've come battling with alcohol. I have a friend going through it right now and sometimes you just have to hit rockbottom before you realize where you're at in this journed called life.


Anonymous said...

I had the opposite happen to me though - I always said I was 5'4" and have now been 'corrected at 5'3". Boo to that - did you steal my inch? LOL

D said...

Yahhhhhh, maybe I should re-measure too!! LOL Thanks for popping by my blog -- good to read yours. I can't wait until I'm at goal! D

Irish Mom said...

WOOHOO, thats awesome!!

Felicia said...

WOO HOO thats awesome!! Can you believe it?!?! Congrats!!


Anonymous said...

Kudos on the loss! Thanks for visiting my blog!

JC said...

Great for you gain an inch!!!Lost a lb. and normal BMI you are having a great day. Congrats.

I just came over from Pattie's site. I read the comment you left her and wanted you to know that your comment spoke to me. It may not be proper in Blogland to read others comments but I'm new to the Cyberlandscape so please forgive me if I've done wrong. Just want to bestow a compliment. JC

Pattie said...

Isn't that the greatest feeling? I remember clearly the day my BMI reported "normal." I'd never been called "normal" for anything to do with my body in my entire life! It's an awesome accomplishment and you should be SO proud!

Rebecca, thank you for the comment on my blog. You literally moved me to tears, and you obviously touched many others as well. I feel so blessed to have you on my side.

It IS a decision: to be well, to be free of alcohol or binge-eating or gambling addictions. And I agree with you completely that we’re successful when that decision to choose wellness is made with love. The process of change is incredibly challenging: loving one’s self enough to commit the time and energy to the process is vital.

Thank you again – and much love to you!

new*me said...

Thanks for stopping by my nice to feel welcome :) I love your coffee pot idea....although I wouldn't drink any till I got back....tends to go through me quick ;)

JC said...

Thanks for the visit. How funny your are. My back side is my best side. HA!!! Forgetting what is behind and pressing forward... Thanks. I need that laugh. JC

Pattie said...

P.S. - Yes, I think the Good Lord woke you up in the middle of the night for a reason - and I'm so grateful He did! :-)

Cammy said...

Congratulations on the gain of a valuable inch and the loss of an unnecessary pound! :) You're doing an amazing job of keeping yourself on track!

Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to HYC. :)

Slenderella said...

A pound down and in the normal BMI range, AND an inch taller!!! The good news just keeps pouring in. AWESOME!!!

Lynn said...

Heh. I had a similar thing happen to me a few years back. I didn't realize you could grow after you were 18, so I always said I was 5'1" (and a half!).

But when I broke my leg, the small crutches (good for up to 5'2") were too short and I couldn't use them. It turned out that I was 5'3"... amazing!

good job!