Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday, I interviewed nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and life coach Staci Wallace for a magazine article to be published in August.

"I'm convinced women are our greatest and most underdeveloped natural resource," she said. "Understanding that we control over 80 percent of the nation's consumer purchases helps us realize that women are greatly influencing the current economic situation of our homes and the U.S. at large."

Staci makes these sobering observations:

* Because over 60 percent of American homes struggle with excessive debt, women need help learning to prioritize their spending.
* Because over 66 percent of our population is either overweight or obese, women must be educated how to make more nutritional food purchases.
* Because single-parent homes outnumber two-parent families in America, women need wisdom, encouragement and practical life skills needed to establish peaceful and healthy families.

To address these and other concerns, Staci and her husband have founded EMwomen, an organization dedicated to gathering a million women with a passion to change their world.

"Each week, we cover dynamic strategies to help empower you in the areas of finance, family, fitness, faith and philanthropy," she explains. "Our goal is to equip you with the tools, wisdom and confidence you need to become a world changer."

"We also know you can't change the world around you until you’ve changed the world within you," she adds. "EMcircles are a source of life-changing wisdom, hope and inspiration that will radically challenge you in every area of life."

For us Healthy You Challenge participants, Staci's free online EmCafe is full of great recipes, each under 10 grams of fat.

Be sure to check out the EMwomen conference and expo to be held here in Hot Springs, Ark., August 23. We might even tag in a HYC get-together!


P.S. Need a good warm-up song for your treadmill workout?
Try Staci's "It's Not Over Til I Win!"

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Pattie said...

"We also know you can't change the world around you until you’ve changed the world within you," she adds.

What a nice phrase! I look forward to checking out her website. And isn't she a beautiful woman?

Thanks for sharing, m'dear. Have a Happy 4th!