Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Weigh-In: A Mixed Bag

Yesterday afternoon, I made it a point to watch Oprah's interview with six people who accepted the 2008 BestLife Challenge.

"Everyone had different results from a weight loss standpoint. But I think across the board, everyone here had a revelation inside and made some changes," trainer Bob Greene said. "It's more about inside. If you start to [think], 'Oh, I'll be happy when I'm this weight,' that's when problems start because one of two outcomes: You never reach that weight and you're not happy, or you reach that weight and realize it had nothing to do with your happiness." Good advice.

Well, my own computer trainer is red-faced this morning because I didn’t meet my exercise goals for the week. I admit: bad planning on my part.

Although I walked the neighborhood regularly, I shaved extra minutes from my schedule by not going to the gym every day. Not a very good excuse, actually, when I promised to make exercise a daily priority. And after doing a little clothes shopping earlier this week, I can see why I need to keep exercise a daily priority!

The good news is we’re still celebrating a three-pound and 1.75-inch loss this week (go figure!) bringing the Healthy You Challenge totals since January 15 to 47 pounds and 39.75 inches.
BMI: Start 33.9 /Current 26.3 /Goal 23.4 or less
(D-a-n-g, this thing goes down slowly!)

Waist-to-hip ratio: Start .94 /Current .83 /Goal .80 or less
(At least we’re still making progress!)
Beginning Friday, I’ll be on the road again - for nearly two months! Back to the hotel fitness centers!


Manuela said...

Okay, I need to check out that program--another 3 lbs is fantastic!

I hope that you have another good trip but if you can, stop by my blog for a garden party this Thursday!

Pattie said...

Two months?? Wow - where to this time, Rebecca? Be safe, where ever it is.

Can you just taste that 50 pound milestone coming up? You're doing an amazing job, my friend!

Cammy said...

What an amazing week! Sometimes we need those extra minutes and it has to be the walk OR the gym. Glad to see it didn't reflect badly on your overall results!

Safe travels!

irunbehind said...

Congrats on your progress; amazing. You could certainly write/sell a book about how to lose weight while being on the road so much. I know it is a huge challenge for many who travel with their work. Who do you write for???

Ready Maid said...

Manuela - Yes, I'll stop by your blog tomorrow.

Pattie - Headed to La., Mich., N.C., Ala., Miss., and Va. during the next eight weeks. And YES, I can almost taste the 5-0 bling!

IRun - pubs listed on my LinkedIn profile.

Jane said...

Oh my gosh congrats on your achievements!!

PS- I started posting a few recipes of the easy stuff (I don't cook often, and when I do, I make it easy!)