Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wow! June has FLOWN by, and although blog posts have been scarce during these last few weeks of travel, I've held fast to the BestLife program guidelines to "eat less and move more." This picture was taken dockside in Jacksonville, N.C., just before boarding a charter eco-tour with Capt. Chris Sewell, pictured to my left. (I'm in the red shorts. Did I say 'shorts?!')

Perhaps the best news this week is my new bling...the big 5-0!! Coupled with a loss of 41 inches, I'm a happy camper, now only 15 pounds from goal weight.

Thanks to everybody who has continued to stop by while I've been away. Now, I'll begin to catch up on YOUR news...


Bev said...

That is awesome!! You have done so well and welcome back! ;)

Manuela said...

I was so happy to see your comment!

Lynn gave some valuable advice(I need to work on organizing myself now that I have the time!) but your prayer is really what I needed.

I was getting a little hysterical and I need to have my dinner and just let my mind relax.

Here's hoping the Lord gives me that little brain tweak :)

(Congrats on the pounds and inches that are gone. You look great in your red shorts!)

Cammy said...

Congratulations on the new bling! Well done!

Katschi said...

AWESOME!!! Red shorts and all.
The amount of weight you lost is amazing but the inches lost are even more so!

amma15 said...

welcome back!!!

Pattie said...

Talk about a 1,000-watt smile! You look beautiful, Rebecca!

And 50 pounds down - that's amazing. You truly inspire me to stop away from the sewing machine and get going on this journey. I want to glow with pride and joy, as you are!

PS – Won’t you consider writing about your new attitude? There’s still time to enter my contest: deadline is Monday. Take a look at what you might win!

Nicole said...

You look gorgeous!!!